World's first fasteners for a camera, designed specially for the professional first-person filming!

The construction of mask doesn't get in the way of operator's viewing, exludes unnecessary vibrations, allows to adjust fixation for any type of face. The Mask also allows to add microphone, Wi-Fi transmitter, light panels, extra batteries and stabilisation system to it.
Adventure Mask is a unique kit for the professional cameramen, extreme sportsmen and everyone else!
Alternative options? :-P
Strap mount Teeth mount Helmet grip

The default GoPro head bandage is awful. You won't film anything but shaking with it. Besides that, if you'll attach GoPro to your forehead and bend forward, the camera will capture only half of your body. For the full POV experience, you need your camera to capture the whole body.

Many extreme sportmen have realized that the bandage is crap and started to hold cameras in their mouths. That excludes the shaking and allows to film with the right angle. But you can't speak, you drool and your jaws hurt. A visit to the dentist costs more than the Adventure Mask.

Motorcycle, hockey , rugby and other helmets allow you to attach camera to the right spot. You can even install a heavy DSLR camera and accessoires to them. But unfortunately these helmets aren't designed for filming, thus you'll be uncomfortable with them. Also you can't film the stunts looking through the visor of heavy helmet

The Adventure Mask consists of hardwearing shockproof plastic and is able to withstand over 3 kg of weight.


 All fasteners are made of light titan so you can not be afraid for your camera. Besides the mask itself doesn't weight much and sits tight on a face, due to this, the image isn't shaking.

3-Axis gimbal mount
DSLR mount
Prospects of development
The prototypes of the Adventure Mask were tested in the most brutal conditions of filming the movie "Hardcore" - the first action POV
movie in history.

During the filming period we make changes in the construction and finish off the mask in the real battle conditions...

We passed the long creative way: we made a ton of sketches and 3D renders, we built and then destroyed more than a 30 prototypes. We tried all the existing types of plastic, made hundreds changes in the design and spent more than a thousand hours on the production. And now we are proudly present The Adventure Mask to you.
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Created by:
Artdirector & Designer Concept-art Designer 3d modeller 3d visualisator Prototyping engineers Oleg Savin jr
Additional Help Zorik Istomin
Special thanks to
Sergey Voogie Valyaev Gleb Reznichenko Mikhail Kuznetsov Dmitriy Juravlev Oleg Savin Seva Kaptur Iiya Naishuller Ivan Solomin Smokin' Team